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Truly Custom Audiences

Unlock the deep signal from our vast data footprint to build unique, highly-qualified audiences at scale, and deploy as you see fit.

Custom Audiences for Relevance and Reach

AddThis helps marketers that need a distinct audience built for a specific campaign without sacrificing scale. Our custom audiences are built from the interests and behaviors of 2 billion users traversing 15 million global domains that results in highly-qualified, relevant audiences.

Options for Custom Audiences, include:

Custom Audiences Made Easy

Our full-service option for fast-start marketers

Send AddThis your campaign goals, keywords, desired interests and behaviors, and we will build your custom audience - verified and optimized. Our team will push it to your preferred DSP or DMP in less than 72 hours.

Look-alike Audiences

Find more of the audiences you want

AddThis takes your seed audience, identifies users who share similar online behaviors across our massive data footprint, and model a new look-alike audience to deliver the scale you need.

DIY Custom Audiences

Built for Advanced Marketers and Trading Desks

Get unprecedented control and transparency into audience building with our Audience Discovery interface. Agency and In-house programmatic teams can optimize and activate high-performing custom audiences on demand.


    Build customizable audiences with specific keywords for precision and accuracy.


    Confirm the accuracy of your audience with insights into their online behaviors.


    Expand your audience to reach your desired audience size.


    Activate in less than 72 hours across all major DSPs / DMPs.

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