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International Audiences at Scale

Source, Model and Activate Quality Global Audiences with Confidence.

Data Knows No Borders

Digital advertisers reach more targeted consumers across every region of the world with AddThis' extensive international data footprint. The AddThis Audience Intelligence (Ai) platform manages the largest digital data footprint on the open web, processing data from over 2 billion monthly unique users in our network. Our standard and modeled audiences can be found in the leading DSPs and DMPs.

Improve Accuracy and Reach

AddThis helps marketers efficiently reach international customers and prospects through programmatic channels by building audiences with the best:


The largest data footprint so you can reach more of your best audience.

Depth of Signal

JavaScript sees up to 30 data points per page view – nearly 3x more than a pixel.


Based on a 30-day rolling cookie pool for guaranteed freshness of data.


New audience delivery in no more than 48-72 hours from request.

International Standard Audiences

Advertisers can access quality audiences without sacrificing scale via AddThis' off-the-shelf audiences, currently available in major advertising markets around the world. Our international taxonomy contains pre-optimized segments created with hundreds of data points gathered from our massive footprint. These audiences are regularly monitored for quality to bring advertisers the best in accuracy, and because we use a rolling 30-day cookie pool, recency is guaranteed.

AddThis Standard Audience Reach by Country:


United States






United Kingdom











Look-alike Audiences

Our global data footprint covers every country in the world allowing us to model scalable international audiences almost anywhere, no matter the language or dialect. AddThis takes a seed audience from the advertiser and identifies users who share similar online behaviors to build look-alike audiences scaled to meet your delivery needs.

Bespoke Audiences Made Easy

AddThis helps marketers build unique audiences based on your campaign goals, keywords, and interests and behaviors of the users you want to reach. You receive a scaled, verified and optimized audience which can be delivered to your preferred DSP or DMP in less than 72 hours.

Available in: Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom

Fast and Flexible Activation

Contact us to get started. AddThis' industry-leading sync rates that allow us to deliver custom audiences in 48-72 hours across most DSPs and DMPs.

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